One of my friends observed a few years ago that I have this ability to look at a recipe, say “That looks good”, then change everything about it (except maybe the concept or one of the main ingredients) before cooking it. I’m also really bad a writing things down as I cook, so it is RARE that my husband will get a repeat of something he really likes – because I can’t remember what I did! It’s my happy place and I don’t want pausing to document everything to interrupt my flow.

Please consider recipes posted here as templates or suggestions and use them to make food that will make you happy! Chances are I’m guessing at the measurements of ingredients I used anyway. LOL Hate cilantro? Don’t use it! (or try to smoosh (bruise) it /chop it really fine a few times – it helps to diminish the “soapy flavor” some experience – you may grow to love it!)  Love fresh herbs? Substitute them for dry!

I happen to love spicy food. If you see a recipe with a tablespoon of hot sauce and want to avoid heartburn think that’s too much heat, cut it back to a teaspoon and increase at serving (or next time you make the dish).

Hopefully you’ll find some dishes you love (or are at least willing to try) and ones that inspire you to take a chance – and change everything about them! 

Tanner's Great Grandmother's Sewing Machine

Tanner's Great Grandmother's Sewing Machine

Crafting and Homemaking

My motto when it comes to crafting - It’s HOMEMADE – it’s not supposed to look “perfect”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my whole house to look like a Pinterest “Failed It”, but if I wanted perfectly sharp paint lines, magazine worthy furniture, and picture perfect accessories I would’ve hired someone or bought new! Half the fun (ok maybe even 80%) of the fun for me is in the process. I enjoy sewing, painting, knitting, making, and just generally keeping my hands busy. I want to work towards neater lines, stable/function furniture (because let’s be honest with as much dog hair is on everything this house will never be “magazine worthy” =P), and accessories that make me smile!

As far as home-making goes I’m sure that I’ll never be “done”, it is just too much fun, so why should I stop. Also it is a process. I certainly do not have unlimited funds and have to save up my pennies for purchases big and small. You cannot move into a home and have everything done on a short timeline (unless you have unlimited funds, in which case – Want to send some of that my way? Or better yet, I can play decorator for you for a handsome fee!) I hope you’ll be inspired to paint a wall, recover a chair, or even just rearrange some furniture.

Someone told me that they were scared to paint a statement wall or stencil a design in their home. My reply is that for the cost of a gallon (or 2) of paint and an afternoon (or weekend at most) you can try something fun in your home. Worst case scenario…you paint over it! Best case scenario you have a new part of your home that you love (and that’s cheaper than moving)!