371 Months + 356 days (BIG NEWS!)

Or 9 days before my 31st birthday. That’s when I found out I was going to be a mom.

That’s right. I'm PREGNANT!

So turns out a bad time to start a blog is right before getting pregnant. That's why I went from being super excited to start posting with a notebook full of ideas to consumed in an energy-sucking haze for 8+ weeks. Luckily the haze is lifting and I don't feel the compulsion to sleep for 12+ hours on a daily basis (just on weekends now).

Hopefully I can get back to posting (maybe regularly, but let's not get ahead of ourselves). 

Here are the details we know so far -

Weeks along: ~14

Due Date: July 29th 

# of Babies: One (whew I thought it might be twins because of heredity, but thankfully it is just the one)

Heartbeat: around 160 bpm

Sex: Can't wait to find out (sometime in March)

General thoughts: I (really we, but especially the hormonal me) am feeling ALL THE FEELINGS. Everything a first time parent goes through from excitement and joy to fear and "how the f--- are we going to pay for this". 

This will be the first grandbaby for my parent's and the second for Tanner's and I can tell you they are pleased as punch! Looking forward to getting things done during this second trimester as I try to prepare for the haze that supposedly will appear again in the third. 

Thanks for letting me share our news!